Only good vibes beginners class. Begin your week on a fluid positive frequency. Stretch out all the weekend cobwebs away and come clear your mind for a fresh week ahead.


Hatha vinyasa flow your way into the week like champ. This class focuses on exploring the journey in-between the asanas. If you are passionate about movement and want to explore the depths of your kosha's then this is a brilliant class for you.


Come power your way through the end of the week and re boot your body with a good sweat and bend. Power yoga is faster than the ordinary yoga class but it will sure work its magical wonders on you.  This class makes the impossible only a possible.


Did the past week feel like one long everlasting day on a hamster wheel ? Come slow things down a tad and invest some time in your own energy, recharge your batteries and revaluate , reflect your frequency , set down some new intentions for the week ahead of you. 

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